MOLY liquid molybdenum dazzling - completely changing the protection mode of lubricating oil for engine

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Significantly prolong oil change period
Unmatched resistance to gluten
Liquid organic molybdenum is the general name of many kinds of chemistry after petroleum physical and chemical properties. It is an indispensable element in the production of lubricating oil. The mechanism of lubrication and friction reduction of organic molybdenum is mainly related to the polishing surface of friction pairs. Chemical reaction occurs at the tip of friction pairs, especially at all points of high load pressure, which promotes the organic molybdenum content. Solution, decomposition
MOS2 and some phosphides, sulfides, nitrides, etc. are dispersed in oil solvents, adsorbed and deposited on the friction surface. MoS2 forms a film covering the anti-wear layer, thus achieving the effects of friction reduction, anti-wear and lubrication, especially in diesel engine oil and gear oil.

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