What is VHVI hydrotreating lubricant?

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VHVI hydrotreating base oil is a kind of high viscosity index base oil which is produced by hydrotreating, cracking and isomerization of mineral oil. Compared with the traditional base oil, the low-temperature fluidity, the stability of viscosity, shear resistance and oxidation resistance have been significantly improved, which can effectively reduce the wear of engine during cold start, maintain stable working viscosity at different engine speeds, reduce the wear and loss caused by the change of viscosity, and protect the engine. The barrier engine power can be fully transported to meet the requirements of lubrication, energy saving and environmental protection for vehicles.
Benefits of using_H VI Hydro-lubricating oil:
1. Use more widely to avoid seasonal oil change.
2. Good cleanliness, after use, the engine keeps very clean, no greasy, carbon deposits and other impurities.
3. No noise and reduce engine vibration.
4. Good shearing property, no change in viscosity at high temperature, keeping normal pressure of vehicle well.
5. Maintain low-temperature fluidity and vehicle start-up, as well as temperature, lubricity and viscosity stability.
6. Reducing friction and resistance, hardness oil film cold start can prolong engine life.
7. Extremely low oil and fuel consumption, fuel saving rate of 5% - 8%, to ensure unnecessary waste of funds.
8. Safe production technology and the use of new energy make it possible to ensure the intrinsic quality of products in the process of production.
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