Weimei lubricants Wuxi Co., Ltd. is a professional lubricant company which is involved in the production and sales of car lubricants, commercial vehicle lubricants, motorcycle lubricants, industrial oils, automobile maintenance products and additives. The company is headquartered in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.
Using comprehensive and in-depth industrial knowledge and innovative technology, vimoil has promoted the development process of high-performance synthetic lubricants, providing a series of automotive lubricants, as well as automotive oil products and special oil products recognized by many automobile manufacturers. Based on the formula of liquid organic molybdenum core element, using VHVI hydrocracking base oil and international first-line brand additives, it is produced in strict accordance with European production process and top-level blending technology, meeting the requirements of European ACEA quality level.
Vimoil has won the praise of many competition groups around the world, and has a good reputation in many countries and regions around the world. Vimoil has become the choice of more and more high-end vehicles in cities.
As an international first-line lubricant brand with core technology of lubricant, we always put our customers first, no matter our advertisement, products, services or our employees. We have always implemented the high-quality, professional and efficient working attitude, committed to providing customers with high-quality products, as well as fast and thoughtful services.
Vimoil adheres to the principle of "quality survival, service development", in line with the concept of respecting equality, mutual benefit and achieving win-win cooperation, and provides customers with high-quality products with first-class technology.

-----1996 established lubricating oil company in Baden wuertenberg, Germany;
-----Established the brand of vimoil in 2001;
-----2018 fully entered the Chinese market and set up China marketing headquarters in Wuxi;
-----Prepare to build factories in China in 2019.

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